Strong Faith

Cross #: 12.3580
Randolph,  NJ
I received this cross from my dear sister in Ocala FL. It traveled to NJ,  thanks to my nephews, and will continue the journey on to Philadelphia, PA to find its way to my daughter’s best friend Madison’s arms. She’s only 5 years old and is a medical mystery.  She has multiple autoimmune diseases that began to unfold at the tender age of 3. Just shy of her 6th birthday, Madison is facing spinal surgery and various exploratory tests to determine the root cause of bone tumors.  No person,  let alone an innocent child, should endure the pain this child has.  Her family is amazingly strong in their faith and continue to remain positive in light of so many setbacks and an uncertain future.  God is holding them and carrying them through this. Madison has the hearts of so many people through prayer,  AMEN!  Just as this cross travels,  so does her prayer chain as it gets longer and stronger. (Yvonne & Madison)