Struggles & Survival

Cross #: IL.2610
Rochester, NY
I was in Little Rock, Arkansas to speak at a conference, a dream of mine for I don’t know how long. I was chatting with some new peers I had just met and I told the story of my journey. I broke free from an abusive husband and found the courage to apply to be a presenter and found the money to finance the trip. Little did I know that a woman with APP was listening to my story; she told me she had something for me. When she gave me the cross, I nearly cried. Here was a symbol of my struggle and how I survived. I am preparing to pass this cross on today to a young woman who I see finding the courage to live her dreams. Though the cross will no longer be close to me physically, every time I see a cross,  I will remember the cross in my heart. Thank you APP for reminding me to follow my dreams with courage and conviction. Thank you for reminding me that my words and my life has impact.