Wonderful and Perfect

I think these are the two favorite words in my vocabulary. I have found that these words change my life but also change the life of those around me. The other morning I was up early and stopped to get a cup of coffee. I ran into an acquaintance and he asked how I was doing. As always I responded, “Wonderful!” He looked at me and said that every time he sees me I am always doing wonderful. He said not only is that amazing, but he walks away feeling better himself.

The other word “perfect” fits just about any occasion. If someone is running late, I respond “perfect”. Because honestly anytime they turn up will be perfect. Someone has to cancel an appointment, change a date, or change a location, it’s “perfect”. By not stressing or getting upset about life happening and understanding that every opportunity is perfectly timed, you will never be disappointed.

So next time you are at a loss for words, think of “wonderful” and “perfect” and see if they change your life.